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I’ve been called a Designer with a Twist, an Interpreter of Spaces and an Interiors “Therapist”.

I earned a BA in conceptual Architecture and French Lit (Bennington College), a BS in technical Interior Design (La Roche College), and am certified by NCIDQ and Build It Green. For 3 years, I taught Interior Design at the Art Institute and have owned Caroline Day Design since 1995.

I studied the Art of Feng Shui with Professor Lin Yun, William Spear, Ron Chin, Seann Xenja and Stanley Bartlett. Solutions are culturally and aesthetically integrated with your personal style.

As a life-long dancer, I care deeply about my clients’ health, body and spirit and how they align with aligned spaces.



I open up people’s spaces. I open people to their spaces. Openings bring clearings.

I can be a catalyst for the personal growth that you have brewing within.


some of my BACKGROUND

I entered college wanting to be a Dance Therapist (I believe that there’s a form of dance for everyone!) but I took to Interior Design.

I headed to New York City to launch my career in Corporate Interiors where I worked as a Designer, Consultant and Artistic Director for hundreds of individuals and several firms. My bent for “getting” a client was recognized and I was chosen early on to design the private offices.

While in New York, I initiated my own primarily residential practice, taking it to Washington, DC then to San Francisco, which feels like the perfect combination of my east coast roots and Australian upbringing.

Both of my parents are sociologists and environmentalists. We travelled and changed homes a lot. It fascinates me to see how people live and I’m passionate about Nature. With each move I adapted my bedrooms to where I was culturally and emotionally at that time in my life. I found solace in them.

Acutely aware of meaning, obstacles and energy in our living and work spaces my Interior Mapping approach evolved.

We are living creatures and our habitats important to us. My work is about people feeling at home (in themselves) – primed to step up and out and make their contribution to the world.

tempt change!