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People come to me when they recognize a need for change.
 Stagnant relationships, loss of creativity and the many side effects of busy lives add to our health issues, clutter and stress. I help people reconnect with the vital forces that shape healthy lives. Clearing and redesigning our personal spaces can have dramatic and immediate results.


One Client’s Experience

Look at the results of a 6-hour design session!



Marie* came to me to gift her husband for his 40th birthday with an Interior Mapping & Design consultation for the complete overhaul of his office. She shared that they had been trying to conceive a child for three years; their failure was causing tremendous stress on their work and marriage.

The “office” was situated in a deep windowless closet that had an opening to the kitchen. Peter had been attempting to work, amidst clutter piled high, facing a wall with his back to the kitchen (and Marie).

A small table used as a desk was situated in the Children & Creativity gua. This refers to one of the nine life areas identified on a Feng Shui map that I use as a tool for laying the foundation of intention.

It was clear to me that Peter would benefit from:

1) an expanded view
2) maximum storage capacity
3) a cleared Children & Creativity area and
4) an understanding of the symbolic implications and potential of his work place


I designed a large U-shaped work surface to face into the space and both entrances. Shelves lined the walls behind his desk and above the doorways. We installed a mirror under the shelves to expand the view and energize the space with reflected light and movement.

While providing the best functionality, I was still able to clear the Children & Creativity area entirely. We hung a large painting of Peter’s (he’s an artist) that provided a great focal point from the kitchen. Framed with glass it reflected some essential light. Peter creatively displayed personal and professional objects in areas that made symbolic reference to aspects of his life that he hoped to enhance: Relationship and Wealth.

In the bedroom, Marie and Peter had coincidentally placed their bed in the Children & Creativity area, but the back faced a secondary entrance and an exposed beam was (symbolically) ready to fall on their heads! 

I asked, “Would you consider sleeping with the bed on an angle in the Abundance corner where you could face both doors? This angle would also add dynamics to the stagnant energy.” We placed a torchiere in the corner that lit the ceiling and provided mood lighting. I chose a paint color that surrounded them with a warm glow and welcomed rest & intimacy.



The changes provided essential physical and psychological clearing. Three months later Marie and Peter conceived a baby girl! Now, 10 years later they have contacted me to work on their new house.

What I find gratifying about my work is that people come to me when they feel change brewing within. They may feel stuck in some way that we can address with a fresh perspective – from the outside in. They want to surround themselves with the intention they are manifesting in their lives and out in the world. I can be that catalyst.

*Names have been changed.


“Caroline is a creative and energetic spirit of sincere passion for quality design.
A resourceful and patient designer [her practice of Feng Shui] attests to her concern for the human/design relationship and the social and psychological impact that [designers] have in adapting spaces for present and future generations.” Jack Travis – architect and former employer